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Brainlab is a privately held German medical technology company headquartered in Munich, Bavaria that develops hardware and software for radiosurgery, image guided surgery technologies for neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, ENT, CMF, spine and trauma, as well as digital operating room integration and cloud-based data sharing.

A former employee said this in a review: "Worked at Brainlab for 9+ years and it was the worst experience. It's a bad place for engineers and a leader in the Medical software industry. No growth."


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Current Employee - Applications Consultant says

"Long, unpredictable working hours. Management does not see eye to eye on many issues and treats employees unprofessionally."

Former Employee - Clinical Specialist says

"The company vision/direction/etc is very unclear. If you are a field employee, multiple people will act as your manager. You may be confused as to who your manager actually is! When the equipment goes down, which it will, you will have to explain yourself and your situation to at least 5 separate people. It will take awhile for a service team to be able to get to you to fix the issue. Meanwhile, you, the face of the company, will have to deal with appeasing your account(s). If you pointblank ask your direct supervisor (or any of those people who think they're your supervisor), "what is the expectation?" you will be answered with, "well, what do you think it should be?" 100% of the time. This company is a revolving door, so don't get too used to your coworkers. No one who is already a part of this company should spend any longer than they have to working here. You will not advance your career in this company. There are virtually no opportunities for promotion unless someone resigns. Spare your resume the blip and keep looking for employment elsewhere!"


"no career development no efficient working environment pretty high turnover bad salary"


"Not a place for experienced people. The pay is pretty poor, and management tend to periodically fire people for no reason other than they're too expensive, or they don't give answers management want to hear. No workers council. Very few development opportunities for Engineering staff. Management seem to have no clear direction, and frequently change their minds. I would not recommend Brainlab to anyone with a family, or mortgage, as one can quickly find oneself without a job, regardless of how well one performs."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No room for growth. Management is horrible and employees are left with very few options for career growth or decision making. Pay is far below the industry standard and the company does not offer any additional benefit packages. Management tend to hire fresh graduates or foreign employees who are willing to accept the low pay offerings because they are desperate. Professionals stay away from here."


"They only care about the R&D people."

Former Employee - --- says

"For a company who's products are so "innovative", management is terrified of trying out new workflows or introducing new techniques or methodologies to existing workflows. The level of corporate disfunction, passive-aggressive management style, and layers upon layers of management trees make it difficult to get anything done. Interdependencies between departments, lack of project management and a total dearth of autonomy make projects drag on for months... and years. It was also hard to ignore that from the c-level down to regional managers- there are very few (if any) women. They're looking for yes-men who will smile and agree with their bullsh*t."

Former Employee - Applications Consultant says

"-excessive travel (weekends and weekdays) -lack of respect for personal time -lack of face to face communication with coworkers. you are basically a independent contractor in your region -lack of skilled management - supervisors only interacted when there was an issue, no personal relationship or investment -lack of opportunity for advancement, have to be prepared to be an application consultant for 3+ years before advancing"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Internal service departments are understaffed and overworked. Processing reimbursement checks, and sometimes getting a response from HR took months and multiple followups. The Marketing department as a whole is very volatile and has a high turnover rate with few experienced managers. This directly reflects the CEO's management style, as he is head of the marketing branch and insists on maintaining a heavy hand on nearly all projects within the department. I've heard that R+D, Sales, Events, Education and Support enjoy greater autonomy in projects, impact in the field, and have a more stable, positive working environment."

Former Employee - Area Account Manager says

"Not in sync with market"

Changed monthly by the revolving door of managers (Former Employee) says

"You'll be subjected to statements like, "Make it Pop!", and treated as a pair of hands to fulfill the visions of your unskilled colleagues and superiors."

International Corporate Education Manager (Current Employee) says

"I love working for this company, but I haven't seen many people "move up". So make sure you like the role you are hired for and negotiate your salary well in the beginning. Unfortunately, raises can be infrequent and fall short of your expectations. They like to hire people fresh out of school so that they enjoy the travel but they can take advantage of their ambition (in this way).flexibilityraises, promotions"

Clinical Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Good benefits and job security. Great vision for th company future but career advancement very limited. Lots of burnout. Must place more importance on people development."

Application Consultant (Current Employee) says

"This review is specifically for the Application Consultant/Clinical Specialist job in Brainlab: This is a great company for a recent graduate as the training is very intense and condensed. You acquire a lot of field experience within a short time in several different fields. After a year of running around feeling like you are always trying to catch up, you have a good understanding of your job and things are "easier". The reality is that it really doesnt slow down, the job becomes repetitive and its just easier to handle. There are not a lot of opportunities to grow within the company and the company does not invest in their workers to grow. Managers will say differently and point out to specific people that have advanced, but these are people that have waited 3-6 years on a promotion. These promotions do not come up so often. If you are interested in R&D and creating products, this is not the company for it, at least not in the US. The company HQ is in Germany and all the R&D and product management is done there. It feels like at the time that Germany imposes things on the US market. Although feedback from the US is taken into account, rarely you can see it in new products. Brainlab products are cutting edge. They are great products and surgeons are always in awe of what they do. Brainlab tries to have products that emulate Apple at times. R&D engineers from Germany put a lot of time and love into these products. Company culture is great, everyone is very supportive, benefits are AWESOME for field employees. However, it is a lot of work at times. A lot of traveling.Benefits, good coworkers, lots of experience and contactsLots of traveling, erradic schedule, no opportunities for advancing"

Key Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Great place to begin a career; provides limited advancement opportunity and advanced career training. Very solid job security."

Territory Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"We meet efficiently to exchange ideas. Interaction between colleagues, teams and departments at Brainlab is frequent, since so many groups work together to ensure the success of a project. Effective communication is essential, therefore meetings are usually quick and to the point, often taking place informally in the restaurant lounge, our interactive zones or even one of the coffee kitchens found in each area of the building. Innovation moves quickly at Brainlab and can happen anywhere."

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